Master( brief Boigraphy)

Ashin Ghosaka was born in thatnatpin village Kyaukpandoung Township Myanmar.

1985    ordained Samanea ( Buddhist Novice)

1985-1990 – studied   Basic and higher Buddhist Teaching at Zeyalinkara Buddhist Collage Myangyan Township Mandalay Region.

1991-received higher Buddhist Monk  ordination

1991-1998 Studied Buddhist higher Education with Pali, Mynmar, English at

-          Sansamadaing Pali University,Pago

-          Visuddaron  Pali University ,Yangon

-          Sate pariyattisasana University, Yangon

1996- Obtained the title of Dhammacariya, (B.A) Study in Dhamma

1996- 1999 – a Buddhist Teacher


Completed the Foreign Missionary Abbots Training Course (Chinese, English and Pali language)


2002- 2004

Completed Chinese Language and Buddhism Study in Young Koung Buddhist Collage in Taiwan.

2004- 2009

A Buddhist assistance monk at Mahadhammika Temple, Toronto, ON

Studied& Completed Level 3   York University English Language institute, Toronto, ON

Studied & Completed Level 5  Seneca College ESL, Toronto, ON


2007 Studied & Completed Volunteer Caregiver Training at Perram House


2009- Current

-Contribute Buddha Sasana at B C

  -Founded a Buddharamsi Temple.